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Your small nonprofit can do big things. 

Your coach and teacher is a fellow small nonprofit leader

Helping you and your small nonprofit do big things is my passion and purpose. And it's personal, too. As the leader of a small nonprofit myself, I know something of what it's like to face what you face each day. 

Most consultants focus on big nonprofits that can afford to pay big fees. Most nonprofit training is also a better fit for bigger organizations.


What you get from me is simple methods and tools that will work for you and your small nonprofit. I teach only what I've been learning and using myself "in the trenches" of small nonprofit work.

Most important, everything here is personal. Coaching, retreats, and workshops are one-on-one or in small groups, never in some online webinar.

You deserve this kind of personal service.

Ready to find out how your small nonprofit can do big things? Sign up to join a workshop today!